This section will help plan and prepare for an educational visit to the farm. Also refer to Guided Nature Tours, Weir Farm Guide, and Farm Conservation Guide.

Things to get you started when visiting the countryside.

Risk assessment
We advise a pre-visit to our farm, during which you can carry out a risk assessment and become familiar with the site.  A copy of the farm’s risk assessment is available on request.

You and your pupils should wear appropriate outdoor clothing, including sturdy shoes or wellingtons, not sandals. 

Teachers/group leaders are responsible for the children’s behaviour throughout the visit. The children should understand how to behave on the farm and always follow the Country Code.

During and after the visit, make sure that the children:

Check that the children stay in their allocated groups during the visit, and that they:



If a member of your group shows signs of illness (e.g. sickness or diarrhoea) after a visit, advise them or their parent/guardian to visit the doctor and explain that they have had recent contact with animals.

Further information
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